The Method Of Making The Immature Insect Specimen

Most of the specimens preserved in immature insects are Protoceratops, Eupolyphaga, Pteris halibut, Oystrus, and Ophiopogon japonicus, Eupolyphaga et al., Eggs and larvae of nymphs and perverted insects living in water, Pupa and so on. In order to make the parasites soaked after not deformed, after the acquisition of the larger parasites must first boiled water to cook. Time to cook depends on the size of insects, the old tender and species may be, generally cook until the worm body can be slightly stiffer. Larvae larvae thick skin, cook for 5-10 minutes, small soft 2-3 minutes is enough.

Immersed larvae immersed in the preservation solution, often to shrink to change the size and shape, or even black body parasites. Therefore, this step is indispensable when immersing young and other essential specimens of insects. If the conditions are limited, you can also use the hot water bath method, the specific circumstances and instant noodles instant noodles similar.

After boiling or hot bath specimens, immediately put into the preservation of liquid preservation. However, larger parasites or excessive watery body type, after a period of time, to change fluid several times in order to long-term preservation, or will be too much moisture into the preservation solution and specimen rot or contamination.

tempu Post: Aug-31-2018

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