• Slides Usage

    Slides are glass slides or quartz slides for things to be observed under a microscope. When making a sample, cells or tissue slides are placed on a glass slide and the coverslip is placed thereon for observation. Optically, a glass-like sheet used to create a phase difference. 1, smear method is...
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  • Microscope Objective Knowledge Of The Main Points

    Limited length with 160 tube length objective The difference: 160 tube length objective lens can not change its optical distance, and infinity objective lens can be added to other devices; such as the biological microscope if it is infinitely objective lens, then you can add fluorescent device, ...
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  • Telecentric Lens Classification

    There are three telecentric lenses: 1. The object-side telecentric lens – the object telecentric lens is the aperture diaphragm placed in the optical system of the image side focal plane, when the aperture diaphragm placed on the image plane focal plane, even if the object distance changes...
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  • What Are Microbiology

    Eukaryotic microorganisms possess membrane-bound cell organelles and include fungi and protists, whereas prokaryotic organisms—all of which are microorganisms—are conventionally classified as lacking membrane-bound organelles and include eubacteria and archaebacteria. Microbiologists traditionall...
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  • Showcase Production Methods

    Insect specimens for exhibition are mainly used for popularizing insect knowledge, teaching and visiting. The production method is that the specimens of insects are arranged in the exhibition specimen box according to their developmental order of life, such as eggs, different ages of larvae, pupa...
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  • The Method Of Making The Immature Insect Specimen

    Most of the specimens preserved in immature insects are Protoceratops, Eupolyphaga, Pteris halibut, Oystrus, and Ophiopogon japonicus, Eupolyphaga et al., Eggs and larvae of nymphs and perverted insects living in water, Pupa and so on. In order to make the parasites soaked after not deformed, aft...
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  • Medicinal Solution Recipe Of The Soaked Plant Specimens

    (1) The purpose of ordinary immersion in preservative. 70% alcohol or 5 ~ 10% formaldehyde solution. Alcohol impregnation can be long-term preservation, but easy to bleach; formaldehyde aqueous solution is cheap, but also can save a certain color, but the solution is easy to yellow. Large fruit ...
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  • Paraffin Section Technology

    Paraffin section method is the basic process, the first fixed tissue was washed by inspection, dehydration (with increasing concentrations of ethanol, etc.), transparent (with xylene, etc.), Baptist paraffin (paraffin) Embedded in wax blocks, sliced and stained by slicing machine and made into sl...
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  • Production Of Biological Slices

    There are many different ways to make biopsy specimens, which can be divided into two categories: non-slicing method and slicing method: non-slicing method, such as smear, paving, tableting, grinding and assembling; slicing method includes paraffin Slice method, collodion slice method, frozen sec...
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