How To Clean The Microscope Optics

Under normal circumstances, first of all, find the dirt and carefully check. If it is heavily polluted, remove loose dirt first, then remove water-soluble dirt and finally dirt that can only be removed with solvent.

Use compressed air to remove dust and remove solid dirt with a cleaning solution

Use absorbent cotton to circulate outward from the center of the dirt to wipe the dirt on the lens

If there is only dust on the microscope optics, it is best to remove it with compressed air. This method is particularly gentle to prevent damage to optical components. In general, a small lens blows balloons enough to produce the desired airflow.

When removing stubborn dirt, never use materials that generate friction, such as paper or microfiber cloth, as they damage the lens surface and cause scratches. In addition to this, do not remove the stubborn dirt and dry it. Another key point to remember is that only pure solvents, distilled water and clean tools are available. Always use cleaning fluids and qualified medical swabs or pads to ensure they are clean enough and do not contain any impurities. Avoid using ammonium-containing solvents. They can damage the anti-reflective coating of the microscope optics and cause permanent damage. It is also not advisable to use acetone for cleaning because it damages the plastic components of the microscope.

There is a very simple and gentle way to remove water-soluble dirt, which is best taken first. Blow to the contaminants, the water vapor in the breath can be used for cleaning. Then use a cotton swab outward from the dirt center to wipe the dirt. This is the most effective method of removing dirt to prevent it from spreading on the lens. As far as possible in the process to avoid the generation of pollutants. After the micromirror is used, cover with a dust cover. In addition, care should be taken to remove the immersion oil remaining on the immersion objective.


Post time: Aug-31-2018

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