Medicinal Solution Recipe Of The Soaked Plant Specimens

(1) The purpose of ordinary immersion in preservative. 70% alcohol or 5 ~ 10% formaldehyde solution. Alcohol impregnation can be long-term preservation, but easy to bleach; formaldehyde aqueous solution is cheap, but also can save a certain color, but the solution is easy to yellow. Large fruit should be cut to achieve a thorough anti-corrosion purposes. Test solution concentration.

(2) Save the green soaking copper acetate powder was added to 50% glacial acetic acid, gradually saturated. The saturated solution plus water diluted 1: 4, heated to 85 ℃, into the specimen, a small sample yellowish green or brown, then turn green, reproduce the original color. After about 10 to 30 minutes, remove the specimen, wash with water, and store in 50% formalin.

(3) Preserving red infusion method: 1% formaldehyde and 0.08% boric acid are immersed for 1 to 3 days in advance. Samples are reddish brown, washed with clear water and placed in 1 to 2% sulfite, 0.2% boric acid solution Can, if still green, can add a small amount of copper sulfate.

(4) Save yellow, green dip sulfite, 95% alcohol each 568ml, add water

4500ml, mixed filtration use.

(5) Magnesium sulfate preservation method Different concentrations of magnesium sulfate, in turn from low to high concentration of transition, suitable for all kinds of color preservation.

Post time: Aug-31-2018

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