Microscope Room Location Requirements And Dust-proof

The room used for the cleaning of optical components should be clean, bright, dry, warm, and there is no dramatic change in room temperature. These conditions can cause attachments on the surface of Olympus microscope optics. Surface rust.

The walls and ceiling of the room should be painted white and the floor covered with linoleum. The workbench is covered with glass. A class work time with a damp cloth to wipe the floor shall not be less than twice.

Before starting work, the room must be ventilated so that the cleaning of the optical components does not cause dusty airflow.

The workplace should be well-lighted. The most suitable table on the window. Desk should be provided with white or frosted lamp 75 ~ 100 watt lamp, because the inspection microscope optical parts cleaning is best carried out under astigmatism.

The staff should wear clean white work clothes when looking at the microscope to clean the optical parts.

Post time: Aug-31-2018

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