Microscope Routine Maintenance

1: Microscope lens maintenance

Microscope eyepiece and lens parts of the lens is strictly prohibited by hand touch, so as not to dirty the lens. When the lens is dusty or dirty, please use a cotton swab dipped in 20% pure alcohol + 80% ether mixed with the ratio of liquid to the center of the lens began to gradually smear out the paint circle test. Remember not to try repeatedly back and forth paint. Lens is strictly prohibited to use liniment paper paint test, so as not to damage the lens coating. Oil mirror will be cleaned after use, especially the 100X oil mirror, improper handling, the former film is easy to dip oil or plastic.

2: Paint and plastic surface cleaning

It is advisable to use a soft cotton or flannel dip to clean the instrument’s paint and plastic surfaces, as well as more stubborn stains that can be cleaned with soft cleaners.

3: microscope idle processing

When the microscope is not used for a long time. It is recommended to cover with a dust cover. In order to prevent the eyepiece tube from falling into the dust and affecting the late observation effect, insert the eyepiece into the eyepiece tube. It is also highly recommended to keep the objective in a container such as a dryer and put some desiccant on it.

4: Microscope light source maintenance

Please turn off the brightness of the power supply before turning off the power of the microscope after each use. Do not turn on the power next time, due to excessive current, damage to the lamp.

Post time: Aug-31-2018

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