Showcase Production Methods

Insect specimens for exhibition are mainly used for popularizing insect knowledge, teaching and visiting. The production method is that the specimens of insects are arranged in the exhibition specimen box according to their developmental order of life, such as eggs, different ages of larvae, pupae and adults. At the same time, the relevant materials should also be placed in the box: the leaves of the victim plants, natural enemies, photos for prevention and treatment, and the like.

The audience through a box of exhibition specimens will be able to understand an overview of the life of insects, as well as the relationship with the environment, natural enemies. Insect specimens produced in the exhibition box, the need for the types of wings, you do not need to use insect needle piercing fixed. But the specimen back down, flat on the whole stage, with real spikes pinned the chest wings posture.

Dry the worm pull down, affixed to the appropriate location in the exhibition box. Larvae, eggs, pupae can be produced by inflation method, but also can be used to dip specimens, but to be sealed. Immersed specimens of special methods are as follows: First specimens into good texture glass bottles, set off under the specimen on the cotton or foam of various colors so that insects can not scroll in glass bottles and then use alcohol blowtorch or Oxidation spout, the glass opening end soft, tweezers pulled into a very small mouth, with a syringe into the preservation solution, and then use the soft fire mouth to heal. Fix as appropriate on display box.

You can also use the glass method, similar to the exhibition box, but without cotton, the glass is used above and below the specimen


Post time: Aug-31-2018

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