Slides Usage

Slides are glass slides or quartz slides for things to be observed under a microscope. When making a sample, cells or tissue slides are placed on a glass slide and the coverslip is placed thereon for observation. Optically, a glass-like sheet used to create a phase difference.

1, smear method is the material evenly coated on a glass slide on a production method.

Smear materials are single-cell organisms, small algae, blood, bacterial culture, loose flora and fauna, testes, anthers and so on.

2, tabletting method is the biological material placed between the slide and coverslip, exerting a certain pressure, the tissue cells will be a method of production of compressed.

3, loading method is to take the whole biological material sealed into slide specimens made of this method can be made into temporary or permanent loading.

4. Slice is a slide specimen made from a slice cut from a living body.


Post time: Dec-04-2018

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