The Difference Between Inverting Microscope And Upright Microscope And Its Characteristics

Inverted microscope is generally used to observe the culture dish, culture in vitro culture cells, plankton, environmental protection, food inspection, and the observation of liquid sediment.

The difference from the upright microscope is that the positions of the objective, the condenser and the light source are reversed, and the working distance of the objective lens of the inverted microscope is longer than that of the ordinary microscope objective.

Inverted fluorescence microscope is composed of inverted microscope and epifluorescence microscope, the instrument is equipped with a long working distance flat field achromatic objective lens, large field eyepiece, inverted observation configuration long working distance flat field phase contrast objective lens and phase contrast device with the working distance Condenser, fluorescence observation can be excited to switch the color filter group. The instrument has the characteristics of clear imaging, wide field of view, compact structure, beautiful appearance and comfortable operation. It is mainly applied to microscopic observation of living cells and tissues, liquid and sediment in culture bottles or petri dishes. It can also be applied to undyed Fluorescence microscopic observation of transparent live and fluorescent sections. It is an ideal instrument for research work in biology, cytology, oncology, genetics, immunology, etc. It can be used in laboratories of universities, institutes and enterprises.

Post time: Aug-31-2018

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